Friday, June 16, 2017

[#3] Start of Wanderqueen

I am back... trying to clear the extreme backlogs I have in all my devices hahaha. Quite upset that my old Samsung 4 phone has crashed on me recently 😢. Around 3,000 photos were stored inside and I am trying to source cheaper solutions to retrieve my data. Luckily, I have already transferred most of them out to my mac-book. 👍🏻

Let's rewind to YEAR 2013, the start of it all. Back when I was still an undergraduate, traveling abroad seemed to be an obsolete dream for me due to the lack of funds. I was working part-time in between studies and managed to save a sum of money for my first overseas trip with my Secondary school friends.

With the girls schooling and the boys in the Army, we could only afford a short trip to Genting based on our miserable savings/salaries. 😂  It was supposed to be a 4 girls and 4 boys trip however, we wound up with full strength for the girls but only 2 for the boys. The other 2 were overseas during that period, one with their family and one with the Army mates for ORD trip (if my memory didn't fail me)

10th July 2013

We started our tedious 6-8 Hours bus ride to Genting Highlands from Boon Lay Shopping Centre, with Vernon being our main photographer hehehe thank you. (I will find a photo and credit one with him inside

I remembered it was an early bus ride, probably 7-ish or 8 in the morning? Mornings and me just don't work together 🙊. Somehow or another, I managed to reach early at the pick up spot to have breakfast with the rest. Soon, it was time to depart.

Chilling in our coach

Fast forward several hours later, we finally reached Genting Highlands! 🤣  Checked in and rest before heading out for some food and night activities like arcade or bowling (based on my memory as I can't seem to find any photos of it on social media and the photos in my Samsung 4 are probably gone 😭)

11th July 2013

We headed out to Genting Highlands outdoor theme park the very next day to start our activities. The Genting Highlands outdoor theme park as of now (Year 2017) has been demolished and is currently under construction for the new Fox theme park which was rumoured to open by either end of 2017 or the start of 2018.

However, in February 2017 when I revisited Genting Highlands for their Burgers and Lobsters (which I will be updating in another post), we saw that the theme park was not even a quarter done 😅  So...

Anyway, back to our day out at the old theme park. Some rides we took that day, in non chronological order.

Haunted Mansion

Pirate ship - Viking

Some spaceship thingy 😂 

Giant Swing

In between the rides, we took wefies and lunch. As I have no recollection on the exact events, I shall lump all the miscellaneous pictures together, for keepsake.

Is it me or my arm looks gigantic here? 😰

After having fun at the outdoor theme park, we decided to head in to the indoor theme park and catch a movie. We caught White House Down and to be honest, I don't remember watching this movie at all. Felt like my brain is deteriorating.. 😅

After the movie and dinner etc., we headed back to our hotel rooms for some masking and HTHT (heart to heart talk) sessions. Reliving the moment as I recollect what happened that night. Missing old times as such.

12th July 2013

The next day, it was time to check out of our stay at Genting Highlands and bus back to Singapore. 

Our favourite hangout spot STARBUCKS - For tapping on free Wifi 🤣

En route home


Here's a photo of our precious photographer for the 3 days 2 nights trip, Vernon, who diligently kept snapping pictures of us. Thank you!! 😁

Picture credit - Vernon's Facebook

Although this marked the end of our trip, it was however the start of my desire to travel to different countries, to which I will write about in the next few posts to come for memory's sake.


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