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[#4] Baby steps to a crew's life Part I

As the title states, this is a post on the journey of my crew life, or rather the journey as to how it all started. I have applied as a cabin crew for three companies and these are the attempts respectively (not in the order of attempts),

i. Cathay Pacific Airline
    Online Application - 1 time

ii. Scoot-Tiger Airline
    Online Application - 3 times

iii. Singapore Airline (SIA/SQ)
     Walk-In Interviews - 3 times
     Online Application - 2 times

The idea of flying & working sort of got stuck in my head as I was travelling to several countries almost every quarter for the whole of 2015. I didn't get to save up much & the desire to just book air tickets to get out of Singapore was too strong an urge I have to curb. This was also due to the nature of my current workplace which further contributed to my desire to fly & be paid to fly. 😁


My journey started in March 2016, when I went for SIA's walk-in interview at Pan Pacific Hotel with my cousin.

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My first interview since Year 2014 and I was feeling extremely nervous/excited/jittery. Luckily my cousin was with me so it sort of eased all these emotions a little. 😬

There were 2 rounds of interviews on the first day, Round One - Self-introduction & a random question (Groups of 10), Round Two - Debate For/Against(Groups of 6). Cousin and I got through Round One and proceeded to Height/Documentation checks where Round Two will start thereafter.

However, as there were a lot of applicants for the walk-in, our Round Two got postponed to the next month. I was flying to Japan in April and thus, was re-scheduled to have my Round 2 interview in May.

I managed to pass Round Two and was scheduled for Round 3 - 2 to 1 Interview the next day at SIA Training Centre (STC). However, I didn't pass this round and was sent back home. I remembered feeling a little dejected since I've come so far but nonetheless, I decided to try again 2 months later as I believe that perseverance is the key to success.

I failed the interview for July's walk-in but this time round, it was Round Two. And again for the walk-in for September's, also at Round Two. I guess the very first time I got through Round 2 was totally beginner's luck. 😂

Then came the online applications for SIA's interviews. and I applied. If I pass the online Video interview, I will be invited down for Round 2 straight. I was invited down for Mar 2017 Round 2 interview, which I failed as well. 😂

I was determined to try again and so I re-applied during April's intake to which I failed at the online Video interview since there was no e-mail regarding Round 2 interview.

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I strongly believe in having Fate with my job and this is a sign that I have no fate working for SIA at this point of time. So, I went on to apply for other companies.

Cathay Pacific Airline hires through an invite only interview. I submitted the necessary documents and was replied with an e-mail stating that if there's no response within 8 weeks, applicant can assume that his/her application has failed. It has been 5 weeks since my application so I assumed that my application has been rejected.

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Before my Cathay Pacific Airline application, I have applied for Scoot-Tiger Airline twice. Recently, I re-applied for the position of cabin crew with Scoot-Tiger Airline and was given the opportunity to join them.

I shall elaborate on my application for Scoot-Tiger Airline in another post as I will go into more details regarding my job opportunity with Scoot-Tiger Airline.


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